Left: Mark Harris, better know for his fraudulent run for Congress in North Carolina. Right: Political consultant Collins.
Ex-Congresswoman hires 3 political consultants, spends over $26.000 to run for our volunteer home owners association board. 80% of her contributions come from outside The Woodlands.

The first campaign report of Dr. Sekula-Gibbs reveals the great majority of her contributions come from outside The Woodlands. Of 61 campaign contributions, only 12 are from Spring or The Woodlands. More donors (14) are from outside the state than from our community. She has received donations from NY, NV, GA, FL, VA, TN, WA, HI, and even CA.

Her predominant type of donors are from elsewhere in Texas. The number of donors from Houston (23%) is equivalent the number of out state donors. This means that a whopping 80% of her contributions comes from outside our community.

Most concerning is how the money is spent. Dr. Sekula-Gibbs has hired not one but three political consultants. She has spent over $5000 in consultant fees. The campaign report details two payments to Macias Strategies, a consultant based in New Braunfelds for a total of $3120. Also, two payments to political consultant Christian Collins for a total of $1750. The report also details payments to a consultant on staff, Ezra Rosado.

Congresswoman Sekula-Gibbs moved to the Woodlands a couple of years ago from Clear Lake in Houston. She spent nearly 3 decades there, running for Houston City Council at least three times. Her political connections awarded her the seat vacated by Tom Delay, then under indictment for conspiracy charges. She ran for Congress and lost the primary in 2008.

Given her political career is astonishing she would need that much political consulting and advice, despite being new to the community. Yet consultants like Collins, who chaperoned her at the event he organized for disgraced Pastor Mark Harris, have given her bonafides with the political christian movement.

The outsized investment in her campaign – she’s spending almost double than anybody else in any Township race this year- is an indication to the relevance for the political agenda that this seat has.

Our nonpartisan Township Board, with no authority over social policy, is being targeted by special interest groups, and their political action committees and consultants, in anticipation of incorporation.

We’d be wise to not those groups hijack our local government and our democracy.

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