As some of you may know, the current director of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors is Laura Fillault. Fillault has said some… colorful things on Twitter, often directly attacking the very people she’s supposed to be representing. We at The 14th Minute thought it might be enlightening to everyone if we gathered together in one spot, in chronological order, these Tweets so you can see for yourself exactly the kind of person we have representing us here in The Woodlands:

January 2016

Here’s where Laura calls facts about Islam “fudging the truth” for 9th graders.

February 2016

Laura takes some time out of her presumably busy day to bash feminists.

This will become a trend for her.

April 2016


August 2016

Laura continues her trend of feminist-bashing throughout August. Let’s not forget a quick jab at the pro-choice people, calling babies “parasites.”

March 2017

After a break, let’s make sure we get back to insulting feminists. Let’s also throw in the progressives while we’re at it. You know, for full effect.

May 2017

I don’t think Laura properly understands what the feminist movement is all about, or why she benefits from its ideals. I can’t think of any other reason she’d want it “to go away.”

June 2017

Let’s insult something by calling it “gay.” Brilliant strategy!
For some reason, Laura thinks that Feminists support gender equality in suicide bombers.

July 2017

No comment.

August 2017

August 2017 was a busy month for Laura. She:
…implied that one radical sect is better than another.
…blamed feminists for the problem of white supremacy in the US.
…expects to be merely “inconvenienced” in the face of a forecast that called for “potentially devastating flooding.”
…shows her displeasure with hurricane duty.
…dismisses predictive modeling and science, in general.
…shows some real hospitality to a traveler.
…dismisses the news as “hyperbole.”

September 2017

After the hurricane, Laura claims she was “annoyed” at everyone predicting that Harvey was going to be a terrible storm.
But hey, she took some time out to block at least one person who disagreed with her.

October 2017

October was another busy month for Laura, indeed! In just 31 days, she:
…claimed that Feminists “need victimhood.”
…once again blames feminists for the problem of white nationalism.
…gives her expert opinion on the shootings in Las Vegas.

…kind of implies that men are more gifted than women.

This was in response to the “dudebro manifesto” shenanigans at Google.

…admits that she uses Twitter as entertainment and that she knows everyone she interacts with. I guess she disrespects everyone, everywhere.
…shows that she’s never too busy to pass up a chance to re-tweet some hate.
…lets us all know, in her expert opinion, that the Federal Government really shouldn’t be paying for affordable housing, education, or medical research.
…and then ends the month re-tweeting more hateful propaganda.
…she shows us how tolerant she is of others’ viewpoints.
…Laura shows us that she doesn’t know good advice when she sees it.
…and takes a moment to attack a Republican War Hero who’s calling for us to all wake up and admit there is foreign interference in our country.

November 2017

Laura kicks off November by advocating for personal responsibility. Except for on Twitter, I guess.
I’m not sure if this is meant to be a serious comment about possibly avoiding wounding the suspect at all, or if Laura’s just playing a little too much XBox.
Here, Laura continues to deny Russian meddling in our 2016 election via social media despite pretty much everyone, everywhere, admitting that it happened. Even Facebook says it happened.

Because of the un-professional behavior demonstrated by Laura Fillault, The 14th Minute is proud to endorse Carol Stromatt for position 7, Township Director of The Woodlands, in the upcoming election.

This is the complete archive as of 11/1/2017. We will try to keep it up to date in case there are additional Tweets made after publication.

Can't Get Enough Fillault?

Make sure you read her excellent* blog post from 2014, titled “Women make BAD fathers.”

* That’s sarcasm, folks.