This “open letter to The Golden Hammer” was sent to us via Facebook, and takes issue with their endorsement of Laura Fillault. It is presented “as sent.” The author wishes to remain anonymous.

So what of Ms. Fillault’s bizarre stand in defense of SJRA’s decision to open the Conroe Dam’s flood gates during Harvey without notice? Did that failed decision not endanger lives? Even in times of crisis, there are good and responsible communication practices that can improve safety for everyone– on that front SJRA failed. Laura Fillault stood in defense of SJRA during what The Golden Hammer called a “blood-curdling video in which SJRA Executive Director Jace Houston attempted to rationalize the actions of the state agency which resulted in flooding thousands of homes downstream from Lake Conroe and the endangering of hundreds of people’s lives during the Tropical Storm Harvey weather over the past week.” (Golden Hammer, 9/3/2017) You even noted her “odd” appearance. Before making your endorsement, did you get the opinion of any of the hundreds of Kingwood residents suing SJRA for their decisions during Harvey?

Channel 2 reported that Houston city councilman David “Martin, who represents Kingwood, said the San Jacinto River Authority was responsible for the amount of flooding in Kingwood. Martin accused the agency of opening dams at Lake Conroe, saving other communities, at Kingwood’s expense. ‘I’m on a mission and I will get these people,’ Martin said, followed by cheers from the audience.” ( 9/28/2017)

I think Kingwood residents and Mr. Martin should be asked what they think about Ms. Fillault’s weather denial in her Twitter feed during the lead up to and during hurricane Harvey—one of the largest, most catastrophic storms to hit the United States. Ever. They may be quite interested to hear the Twitter thoughts of someone who was close enough to the inner circle of SJRA decision makers that she appeared in that “blood-curdling video”. Thankfully Twitter gives us a record of all of Ms. Fillault’s thoughts:

In many tweets leading up to the storm and after, Ms. Fillault laughed about what she recklessly deemed useless weather predictions from local meteorologists and national weather agencies, “The Woodlands is 60ish miles inland. Worst we’ll get is lots of rain & a very slight chance of a power outage. We will be inconvenienced.” (@laurakfillault*, 8/25/2017)

Later in the day she took a I-know-better-than-you stance by saying, “These are all based on predictive models… we won’t actually know what will happen until it happens.” (@laurakfillault* 8/25/2017)

And finally on August 27th she admitted to ignoring forecasts, “I totally ignored most of the forecast because ‘catastrophic, foreboding, devastating (sic), horrific’…grown totally cynical of news hyperbole.” (@laurakfillault*, 8/27/2017).

Reckless “oopsies” Ms. Fillault made by appearing with SJRA after their egregious missteps tell me she doesn’t make decisions based on good information, so I’m sitting out this election. Sorry, Golden Hammer. People suffered at the hands of SJRA, and she had no business being in that picture. Guilty by association.

Out of curiosity– has The Golden Hammer asked why Fillault appeared in the video? Perhaps she was trying to support political allies with a little I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine? It’s one or the other— failed decision maker or partisan crony. I’d be pretty depressed if it’s the latter, Golden Hammer—we rely on you to tell us about corrupt operators.

*NOTE: After embarrassing the Texas Patriots PAC and our local Tea Party by having to publicly apologize for her “Foul-Mouthed Twitter Rants”, Ms. Fillault changed her Twitter handle to @laurakpotter94. Most of her abusive language and weather posts are still searchable, but some have been removed.

While it is true that some of the more offensive Tweets have been removed, we have compiled this helpful timeline of Tweets for easy reference.

Can't Get Enough Fillault?

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* That’s sarcasm, folks.