I’m Ann-Marie Kennedy, here as a mother and care about the health and safety of students and want to keep the kids alive.

While I am moved to come here because of the social media presence of Sarcasm, Satire and Saccharine to mock GLBTQ people done by a CISD board member, I’m here to ask for action from The Board. I truly don’t care what you do or don’t do with him.

I’m providing an invitation to the CISD Board members and extend it to the principals, assistant principals, guidance counselors and teachers to have a table and staff it with Board members during the day October 30th at Town Green Park for The Woodlands Pride.

With this table at The Woodlands Pride, there needs to be materials to show resources for glbtq students WITHIN the schools which CISD provides, as well as, community resources. You know I am all about keeping the kids alive. We need the students to stay connected. This pandemic has, unfortunately, left many of our students isolated and in hostile homes. Schools should be able to provide resources for students and their health and safety.

The schools need to have resources for students. All faculty and staff should know those resources, and minimally know with certainty WHO in their buildings to refer a student for resources. This is not about promoting anything other than student safety and keeping the kids alive.

I’ll be sending an invitation, so please look for it. Where CISD lacks information, resources, please let me know because we will be happy to help provide information to keep the kids alive.