Beleaguered Township candidate’s persistent “confusion” about his own bio, his theft conviction & affiliation with election fraud perpetrator create more questions ahead of November5 th election.

Recently it was reported in The Villager that Bob Milner had submitted an inaccurate candidate filing under sworn oath, a misdemeanor if done with the intent to deceive. A growing list of questions follows him. Is Milner fit for office?

  • Will Milner avoid a misdemeanor conviction for lying under oath?
  • Why do Milner’s political advisors include a high-profile national election fraudster?
  • Has Milner paid for an endorsement by Montgomery County Tea Party? Pay for play?
  • Why did Milner report only $250 of $750 he donated to the Montgomery County Tea Party?
  • Why did Milner fail to disclose his earlier misdemeanor theft conviction?
  • What is Milner’s real alma mater? Shouldn’t HE know?
  • Why are his responses inconsistent?

There’s factual, legal record showing that all these questions are warranted — and it’s all included here. Be informed when you go to the polls!

Background& Evidence Tells Us: We can’t trust Bob Milner!

The “Confusion” Defense

Bob Milner moved to The Woodlands in the summer of 2014, 5 years ago and says he also lived here in the 1990s. He argues that he did not commit a crime when, on August 19, 2019, he swore under oath that he had lived continuously for 14 years and 2 months in The Woodlands because he was “confused” and did not intend to deceive anyone with his answer (the “confusion” defense).  See the Villager article on it. That’s possible. But his political handlers removed a candidate who had accurately recorded that he had lived continuously in The Woodlands for only 7 months (even though he had previously lived in The Woodlands) and replaced him with Bob. 

That replaced candidate had received criticism for his short-term residency and all 3 other candidates in this race are very long-term residents.

It does seem that Bob was trying to make the case that he was not a short-termer.  The next month at the Eagle Forum election training session he said “My wife and I have lived in The Woodlands off and on for 15 years.” even though the bulk of those years were in the 90s. Whether confused or intentional – either reflects on his fitness for office.

 Why is Milner taking advice from an Election Cheat?

Milner made this statement at election training session featuring former Pastor Mark Harris, the 2018 North Carolina Congressional Candidate who presided over the most egregious election fraud in recent history.  A bi-partisan State Board unanimously found after an evidentiary hearing that his campaign had illegally harvested and tampered with hundreds or a thousand absentee ballots and called for a new election.  Harris’ paid political operative is under indictment for this activity and witnesses testified that Harris knew of his past unlawful election activity when he hired him. Why would Bob Milner seek and obtain election advice from a disgraced election cheat? Why did Shelley Sekula-Gibbs also attend and post this photo of the event on her Facebook page?

Photo of Pastor Mark Harris, after his fraudulent run for Congress in NC, with Township candidates Bob Milner and Shelley Sekula-Gibbs.

Campaign statement about his recent return to The Woodlands.

Inconsistent bio statements

And we still don’t know when Bob moved to The Woodlands the first time!  His Facebook page says he moved to The Woodlands in 1990.  His new website says he first lived in The Woodlands in 1992.  But a Montgomery County Court record shows a misdemeanor theft judgment from 1993 with his address as Walden Road in Montgomery, not The Woodlands.

And there is the persistent issue of “continuously” living in The Woodlands. According to a Facebook post, he just came back last spring after being living in Reno for a while.

Milner has a theft conviction? Yes. Yes, he does.

This conviction came up recently when the Montgomery County Tea Party PAC, who endorsed Bob after he donated $750, asked each candidate a series of Ethics Questions.  The first was “Have you ever been convicted as a result of an arrest?”  Bob answered “No I have not.”  Wouldn’t an ethical person disclose this Misdemeanor Theft conviction? Or was Bob confused again?

Photo of conviction record. Criminal misdemeanor.
MC Tea Party Questionnaire on Ethics.

Contributions to MC Tea Party PAC, $500 of which not reflected in Milner’s campaign report.

Is Montgomery County Tea Party running pay-for-play endorsements?

Milner and Sekula-Gibbs were the only 2 Township candidates to contribute to the Montgomery County Tea Party (MCTP) and both received endorsements. Was Milner also “confused” or did he intentionally fail to report $500 of the $750 he contributed to his endorser, the Montgomery County Tea Party PAC on his Campaign Finance Report?

Milner’s contributions.

Candidate Milner, it seems, was also confused when giving money to the Gay Pride Parade. Was he thinking it was the Proud Boys instead? 

Maybe he misreads questions anywhere, whether it is an endorsement request, an application for candidacy, or campaign financial report. Not the kind of Director we need on the Township during this crucial time in our history.

What university gave Bob Milner a diploma? Did he graduate?

It gets concerning when even basics facts like: “Where did you go to college?” are problematic for Bob.  He claims on his Facebook and in his The Villager profile article that he attended and graduated from Park University in Missouri.  But on his recently revised website, there is no mention of his alma mater Park University and instead, he claims to have studied at Ole Miss and Memphis State.  What is that about?

Photos of campaign website and Facebook .

Conclusion: Don’t vote for Bob Milner

Whether these acts are carelessly or purposefully, we need someone sharp enough to avoid these omissions and misrepresentations and to focus 100% on the business of our future. 

For more information, the Villager article about his false candidate filing that would be the basis for a misdemeanor conviction for lying under oath if done purposefully: