For someone touting her “experience” in city government, you would expect better recommendations. Instead:

Councilmembers note that her remarks during meetings are uninformed and even “off the wall.”. “A lot of times the answers to her questions are in her briefing materials. I don’t know if she’s just not being briefed correctly or doesn’t have the time to read it. But if you don’t know about it, why don’t you read about it before you get to the meetings? Don’t waste our time being educated here.” Said a council member.

What about the professionals in the city staff:

A department head remembers when the councilwoman informed the mayor that the city should stop stringing electric lines on poles. Mayor Brown had to explain that the city doesn’t do electrical poles. “That’s not our job,” he said. “That’s HL&P.”

After more than a dozen requests from the councilwoman, another department head remarked: “I look forward to a working relationship that acknowledges the respective roles and responsibilities of your council office and this department.” More clashes came when the councilwoman bypassed the director’s office and began contacting health department personnel herself. “It puts them in a very precarious position because they know what protocols are,” a department source says. “It’s made it difficult to work with her. You can never tell where she’s shooting.”

What about her republican colleagues:

“Some of us were just totally flummoxed when she didn’t show up for the budget vote in the second half of the day,” says one councilmember. “That is so ‘not Shelley,’ the high-achieving Miss Know-It-All blowing off the budget? We were sitting there with our mouths open.”

What about people working with city council:

“I think Shelley’s pretty much out to lunch. She was smart enough to get out of medical school, but like a lot of doctors, she’s developed an arrogance about thinking that her intelligence in one field automatically transfers over to another. She’s made a lot of stupid statements and done a lot of stupid things.”

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