The 14th Minute is proud to officially endorse Carol Stromatt in the upcoming election for The Woodlands Township Board, Position 7.

In our opinion, Carol is just the kind of person we want representing our community. Her values and character fit in line with our own, and her stance on the issues is impeccable. In her own words:

I’m running on a non-partisan platform, aiming to unify a community that’s being driven apart by politics and partisanship. Republicans, democrats, and independents support this campaign because I strive to represent every resident; I’m for Red, White, and Blue.

Here are some platform highlights:

  • Flooding
    “Our response to flooding in The Woodlands should be multi-pronged: Our highest priority should be to improve support for flood victims by speeding up response and creating clear and timely communication about flood-relief services within The Woodlands. Second, The Woodlands must ensure our first responders have adequate staffing and equipment, including high water vehicles, and rescue training. Finally, the Board needs to identify long-term actions to mitigate future flood risks in our community. The Board must serve as active champions for flood mitigation in the Spring Creek watershed and work with residents and all entities in our area to develop solutions.”
  • Incorporation
    Carol believes that the Township will ultimately become a city, but like others she sees many potential ways to do it. Because there are so many questions and variables, Carol believes Township residents need to fully understand their options before the Board can authorize an incorporation election.
  • Diversity
    “We are an international community, and it serves us well to foster and celebrate an inclusive environment where diverse cultures, ideas and perspectives enrich our families and serve as the cornerstone of our community’s forward-looking economic prosperity. “
  • Community Enhancements
    “We should look to implement enhancements for our children & seniors by promoting green initiatives, moving forward towards indoor performance/arts facility and a science museum.”
  • Mobility
    “Everyone who has heard me speak about roads during my campaign knows I’m for concentrating on the roads within the boundaries of The Woodlands; and the roads outside The Woodlands will be handled by the counties and cities involved.”

For more detail on Carol’s viewpoints, please visit her campaign website. Image taken from Carol’s Facebook Campaign Page.