I’m Ann-Marie Kennedy, a Registered Nurse, and a member of the community now, because I’m the Mom of a 2020 graduate.

Please note that Four out of Three people have trouble with math.

We are not as truly as informed as the MDs treating patient’s in the ICUs. I don’t care to listen to the Internet-trained Epidemiologists, nor the Constitutional Scholars from Parler, nor the YouTube-educated Virologists, and I’m exhausted from simply trying to explain “how the mask I wear protects you,” and it is medically sound. And it’s a very easy way to demonstrate how I “Love thy neighbor.”

For all intents and purposes, our hospitals are at maximum capacity (I’m unwilling to argue over that one bed at Methodist, or that one bed in ICU without a vent, but BIPAP is available, nor the beds that became available because of deaths and 2 of the 60 people waiting in the 20-bed ER can now have a bed.

The levels of severity of COVID infections that CISD has adopted is alarming. Masks aren’t EVEN listed as a SUGGESTION until Level 5. This is as poorly planned as waiting to go shopping for Hurricane preparations while all of the roads are flooded or you are waiting for Jesus to save you from a rooftop.

CISD did so much more last year for students, faculty, staff and therefore, the community. And now, it’s as if, COVID-19 disappeared “because we are just so tired of it. We want to be back to normal.” And now we have an even more contagious Variant with 1 infected person infecting 8 people, and CISD is doing LESS than when the infection rate was 1 infected person infecting 2-3 people.

We expect more from CISD than less. We are already at Level 4 and and it doesn’t have to be this way. What will be the numerical criteria for Level 5? What does “widespread cases within the building or community” even mean? With the community level of 23% infection rate, we are left to wonder if Level 5 be reached when we have no more beds, or no more ICU beds, or when “important people” have to have their loved ones diverted to a hospital 200 miles away.

Remember 4 out of 3 people have trouble with math. CISD doesn’t have to be in that group unless they choose to be. Please choose mitigating actions to help keep students, faculty, staff and the community safer.