Author: Mark Weaver

Donald Trump Forgets His Big Hands – The Shallot

At a policy meeting today, President Donald Trump walked to the lectern and began to speak in his typical fashion.  What was different today was that everyone noticed that he actually had tiny hands. Further research now shows that President Trump has been wearing fake big hands for years.  We have been unable to determine what other fake big things he has been wearing, but from the actual size of his real hands we can just imagine what they might be. After the president recently left his golf course resort in Florida, a maid found a pair of fake large hands in the trash can.  While there is no proof they belonged to President Trump, they appear to be similar in size to the hands he usually appears with. Sarah Huckabee Sanders denied that the president wears fake big hands and that his suit was from a new tailor who recommended wearing a new design called bell bottom sleeves which distorted the size of his...

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Words Still Matter

Words used to matter.  In politics and in everyday life.  I’m not sure if Donald Trump being elected changed the rules or if the rules changed and that got Trump elected.  Either way words don’t seem to matter much anymore. Those who support Trump and Republicans who wrap themselves in the Trump brand don’t seem to care much about the dignity that comes from words.  I always thought a good definition of integrity was doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.  But these days Republicans can’t seem to do the right thing when everybody is watching, and...

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